API clients and SDKs that improve developer productivity

Spend less time writing boilerplate code and more time building great software.

All Tectalic API clients include...

Fully Typed Smart Data Objects

All requests and responses are fully typed, with complete details of the API request and response structures at your fingertips.

IDE Autocompletion

All API endpoints, requests and responses are fully documented within advanced IDEs such as Visual Studio Code or PhpStorm.

Faster API Integration Projects

Spend your time building great software, not reading complex API documentation.

All Endpoints Supported

Make full use of the API, with the ability to easily query all API endpoints.

Fully Tested

By our developers, with unit and functional integration tests. All test cases are provided.

Fully Supported

Our Australian-based team of developers are here to help you.

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A GPT-4 and GPT-3.5 ChatGPT API Client for Your PHP Applications

The Tectalic OpenAI PHP Client Library now supports the new ChatGPT and Whisper APIs, including GPT-4 and GPT-3.5.

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A Full-Featured WooCommerce API Client for PHP and JavaScript

Simplify your e-commerce integration process with Tectalic's full-featured WooCommerce API Client for PHP and JavaScript. Supporting all WooCommerce endpoints, this client provides structured data objects for easy and organized API requests and responses.

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Using Composer packages in a WordPress plugin

How to use composer packages inside a WordPress plugin and avoid conflicts with other plugins that use the same dependencies.

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