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Open Source

We use and benefit from open source software every day, so we try and pay it forward by releasing our own source software, as well as contributing back to existing projects.

We contribute to WordPress core, WooCommerce, and many other open source tools and projects.

WordPress Plugins

We have also developed some WordPress plugins, all of which are available to download for free from the official WordPress Plugin Directory:

Adobe Fonts for WordPress

Embed and use Adobe Fonts in your WordPress website without having to edit your theme.

Custom Post Type Editor

Customize the labels, names or descriptions for any registered custom post type without code.


AI-Powered WooCommerce Product Descriptions Using OpenAI GPT-3.

Log Out Shortcode

Add a log out / logout link to a post or page using a simple shortcode.

Other Plugins

We also have many free and open source WooCommerce plugins available on our GitHub profile.

API Clients

OpenAI API Clients for PHP and JavaScript.