OpenAI PHP API Client

A downloadable PHP package that lets you connect your PHP application to the OpenAI API in a private and secure way.

A robust OpenAI API client

Written in PHP

With everything you need

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  • A convenient fluent interface for interacting with the OpenAI API.
  • Supports 21 API operations.
  • Full IDE autocomplete support.
  • Comprehensive documentation.
  • Great customer support.
  • Comprehensive tests, including unit and functional integration tests. All test cases provided.

About Tectalic

Building robust API clients for developers like you

Our experienced team of developers is on a mission to standardize and simplify how developers interact with the OpenAI API in their applications.

Instead of writing low-level code yourself to interact with the OpenAI API, we think there's a better way.

Purchasing a reliable and robust OpenAI API client can save you time and money by letting you focus on delivering value within your application.

Sounds good?

Simple pricing

Integrate your PHP application with the OpenAI API in minutes (not days).

What's included

  • 30-day free trial

  • Unlimited updates

  • Great support directly from our developers

  • Easy installation and updates using Composer

  • Comprehensive documentation

  • One purchase for your entire team

$99 USD

Per year with a 30-day free trial

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